Creating users (FREE SELF)

You can create users:

  • Manually through the sign in page or Admin Area.
  • Automatically through user authentication integrations.

Create users on sign in page

If you have sign-up enabled, users can create their own accounts by selecting "Register now" on the sign-in page, or navigate to

Register Tab

Create users in Admin Area

As an admin user, you can manually create users by:

  1. Navigating to Admin Area > Overview > Users (/admin/users page).
  2. Selecting the New User button.

You can also create users through the API as an admin.

Admin User Button

Admin User Form

Create users through authentication integrations

Users will be:

  • Automatically created upon first sign in with the LDAP integration.
  • Created when first signing in via an OmniAuth provider if the allow_single_sign_on setting is present.
  • Created when first signing with Group SAML
  • Automatically created by SCIM when the user is created in the identity provider.