Custom group-level project templates (PREMIUM)

Introduced in GitLab Premium 11.6.

Custom project templates are useful for organizations that need to create many similar types of projects and want to start from the same jumping-off point.

Setting up group-level project templates

To use a custom project template for a new project you need to:

  1. Create a 'templates' subgroup.
  2. Add repositories (projects) to the that new subgroup, as your templates.
  3. Edit your group's settings to look to your 'templates' subgroup for templates:
    1. In the left-hand menu, click {settings} Settings > General.

      NOTE: If you don't have access to the group's settings, you may not have sufficient privileges (for example, you may need developer or higher permissions).

    2. Scroll to Custom project templates and click Expand. If no Custom project templates section displays, make sure you've created a subgroup, and added a project (repository) to it.

    3. Select the 'templates' subgroup.

Example structure

Here is a sample group/project structure for a hypothetical "Acme Co" for project templates:

# GitLab instance and group
    # Subgroups
    # Subgroup for handling project templates
            # Project templates

        # Other projects

Adjust Settings

Users can configure a GitLab group that serves as template source under a group's Settings > General > Custom project templates.

NOTE: GitLab administrators can set project templates for an entire GitLab instance.

Within this section, you can configure the group where all the custom project templates are sourced. Every project template directly under the group namespace is available to every signed-in user, if all enabled project features except for GitLab Pages are set to Everyone With Access.

However, private projects will be available only if the user is a member of the project.

NOTE: Only direct subgroups can be set as the template source. Projects of nested subgroups of a selected template source cannot be used.

Repository and database information that are copied over to each new project are identical to the data exported with the GitLab Project Import/Export.