Enforce accepting Terms of Service (FREE SELF)

An admin can enforce acceptance of a terms of service and privacy policy. When this option is enabled, new and existing users must accept the terms.

If configured, the Terms of Service page can be viewed via https://your-instance.com/-/users/terms at anytime.


To enforce acceptance of a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

  1. Log in to the GitLab instance as an admin user.
  2. Go to Admin Area > Settings > General.
  3. Expand the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy section.
  4. Check the Require all users to accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when they access GitLab. checkbox.
  5. Input the text of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Markdown formatting can be used in this input box.
  6. Click Save changes.
  7. When you are presented with the Terms of Service statement, click Accept terms.

Enable enforcing Terms of Service

For each update to the terms, a new version is stored. When a user accepts or declines the terms, GitLab records which version they accepted or declined.

New users

When this feature is enabled, a checkbox is added to the sign-up form.

Sign up form

This checkbox is required during sign up.

Users can review the terms entered in the admin panel before accepting. The page is opened in a new window so they can continue their registration afterwards.

Accepting terms

When this feature is enabled, the users that have not accepted the terms of service are presented with a screen where they can either accept or decline the terms.

Respond to terms

If the user accepts the terms, they are directed to where they were going. After a sign-in or sign-up this is most likely the dashboard.

If the user was already logged in when the feature was turned on, they are asked to accept the terms on their next interaction.

If a user declines the terms, they are signed out.