Diff limits administration (FREE SELF)

You can set a maximum size for display of diff files (patches).

For details about diff files, view changes between files.

Maximum diff patch size

Diff files which exceed this value are presented as 'too large' and cannot be expandable. Instead of an expandable view, a link to the blob view is shown.

Patches greater than 10% of this size are automatically collapsed, and a link to expand the diff is presented. This affects merge requests and branch comparison views.

To set the maximum diff patch size:

  1. Go to the Admin Area ({admin}) and select Settings > General.
  2. Expand Diff limits.
  3. Enter a value for Maximum diff patch size, measured in bytes.
  4. Select Save changes.

WARNING: This setting is experimental. An increased maximum increases resource consumption of your instance. Keep this in mind when adjusting the maximum.